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Tuesday, September 12, 2017


SUBSCRIBE NOT TO MISS NEW VIDEOS FROM AROUND THE WORLD! Follow me on INSTAGRAM ‘Music by Epidemic Sound ( I filmed this documentary in Tanzania. Maasai tribe lives in Northern Tanzania on the border with Kenya, between Mount Meru and Kilimanjaro. Children in that are didn't have school at that time and local church provided the space. Many children walk very long distance to get to school every day. Education in Africa is very important issue and many charities and non profit organizations NGO, provide assistance.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Portraits of Maasai tribe in Tanzania Africa. Non-profit project.

Music: "Whimsy Groove" Kevin MacLeod ( 
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Portraits of Maasai tribe in Tanzania Africa for non-profit project.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Pippi Foundation, Safe Home for Homeless Girls, Tanzania, Africa

Produced by BeekeeperStories.
Sound and translation: Sam Cheetham.
Pippi foundation helps homeless girls and young women on the street of Arusha, Tanzania to have safe place to live, get education and build a new life.

Pippi foundation for Girls,Safe home for Girls.
Bank information,
A/C. NO, 0111012685
Exim Bank swift : EXTNTZTZ

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Children education, Foundation La Vecina, NGO in Cartagena, Colombia.

Foundation La Vecina in Cartagena, Colombia run by Nathalie Rietman from Netherlands. This NGO provides education for children in poor areas of Cartagena. Currently there are more than 100 children getting free education in the school of La Vecina Foundation.
Sony PXW-X70

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Documentary - Homeless woman veteran. Washington DC, USA.

Documentary - Homeless woman veteran... by BeekeeperStories "I just want my life back" is a documentary by BeekeeperStories about a homeless woman veteran who is trying to rebuild her life with the help of a veteran assistance organization - Access Housing Inc., in Washington DC, USA.
All shot with Sony PXW-X70, AVCHD.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Turning Point. Once a homeless drug addict, Evert is now back to normal life.

Evert Roeleveld, The Hague, the Netherlands:  A real story about a person who fell to the bottom, and made it back up. Once a homeless drug addict, Evert is now back to normal life. Evert has dedicated himself to helping others, and has become an activist, campaigning  to improve the lives of the homeless and drug addicts. He is a volunteer for The Salvation Army.
Evert contact:

This film was a volunteer project in cooperation with the Salvation Army of the Netherlands, and I am grateful to Femke Kemink and Evert Roeleveld for their help and support.

Music: Zero-project. Through The Looking Glass. Creative Commons(CC-BY).

Friday, June 13, 2014

Portraits of refugee soccer team, World Refugee Day, 2014. Netherlands.

Plastic3: Corporate Energetic Background Music. Creative Commons.
This is volunteer project of BeekeeperStories.
For World Refugee Day, June 20th 2014 in cooperation with the Dutch Council for Refugees (VluchtelingenWerk Nederland), UNHCR, UAF and Kerk in Actie, (former) refugee soccer players are set to play a match against Dutch celebrities to generate attention for this special day and the plight of refugees around the world.

See for more informatie (in Dutch).

The soccer players are from: Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Eritrea, Rwanda, Iran, and Burundi.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

SEW - NGO, Arusha, Tanzania. 2014. HD

SEW (Supporting + Empowering Women) - NGO employing HIV positive women in Arusha, Tanzania, Africa.

Jackline's Day. Northern Tanzania, Africa. NGO Africa Amini Alama.

Music - Hillaby - Sweat r57. Creative Commons.
New Beekeeperstories video - Jackline, a young Tanzanian schoolgirl, lets you share a typical day with her. Support provided by NGO Africa Amini Alama.

Michael's Journey: A True Story - From Crime and Addiction to a New Life in Africa

The true story of a man who found the courage and faith to change himself, "Michael's Journey" is both humbling and heartwarming. In this short film, Michael reflects on his life, taking viewers from multiple arrests and the bleakness of a prison cell in the United States, to his new home in a vibrant, challenging city in East Africa, where he has devoted himself to helping others.

"Michael's Journey" offers a glimpse of the indomitability of the human spirit, a testament to our ability to transform ourselves and to do good in the world.

In making this film, I developed a deep and abiding respect for Michael. I thank him and his wife Tracy for their enthusiasm and openness.

Documentary "The Inventor" Bernard Kiwia, Arusha, Tanzania, Africa.

Bernard is very talented person and inventor of many devices which can be used by people in Africa and beyond. He is a gentle, kind individual with a good heart. I am extremely grateful to him for his trust and hard work during the shooting of this film. BKS

Fashion designer Peace Malleni. Tanzania.

Music: Breezeless - Spinning around. Ceative Commons.
Beekeeperstories presents - Fashion designer Peace Malleni.

"Africa in 60 sec." Meet Emmanuel Mushi. Arusha, Tanzania.

"Africa in 60 sec." Meet Emmanuel Mushi... by BeekeeperStories Another story about ordinary people in Africa. Emmanuel Mushi is Maasai. He lives in a mud hut with his family. Works in the hotel as a doorman. He has a dream to build a home for his family and start a new business - safari company.

"Africa in 60 seconds" Artist Penda Mo. Arusha, Tanzania.

"Africa in 60 seconds" Artist Penda Mo... by BeekeeperStories Music: Satya - A Night In Serengeti. Creative Commons.

This film is about artist Pendael Naftal Mollel (Penda Mo), born 1984 in Arusha Region, Tanzania.
Mobile phone: +255786079202